Fabulous 18

“Season Greeting and A Letter For Myself …”
The years passed then passed, changed again, then passed again and so on. I think I’m growing. The proof of the journey had given me the meaning that I kept learning and thinking. No mistake, I did.

I am aware of some of the things I need to improve from myself, including every word in my past writing. Often I thought “this one is too childish … superficial … unworthy …” and what surprises me is my courage to share it with the world. It’s crazy for that growth, there are also times when I want to strangle myself, but … does not everyone who writes really feel it? Carelessness does exist. Just learn, thanks for visiting and sorry for some of the inadequacy that might be quite annoying. Bow.

Nothing felt, year back to January 11th. Repeating my age for the umpteenth time. Time passes, shift, then move on to the next time. I just had to make sure that the move would not mess with me and give me a chance to get organized. I will work better even though misunderstanding checks me, my cultivation works hard to drown me, and my disbelief at many things fulfills me like air. I look for myself and I believe. Happy Birthday and of course something unforgettable, my birthday anthem “It has to be you” by Super Junior Yesung (it’s already running for 5 years). Hope for Fabolous Eighteen.

“Queen … You did well and always.”



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