For Terra Incognito

Today it will all reach a clear ending point that no one will agree with except myself and God (I hope).

I’m finished


No more doubts like yesterday

Cloudy slowly blurred

The sun shines

I believe in my decision

At least I will not kill myself for the second time

Yes, quite once and not anymore


I think something has taken away all my oxygen

It’s hard, my leg broke

I know my decision sounds crazy, but I just stop for this, not for any plan of my life

Please let me

Not a single tree lives under the ocean

And this is not a fictional story about the famous mermaid

Trees must grow on the ground or die

Oxygen is getting thinner and I know that all I have to do is run to the mainland before I no longer have a chance

Just wait, I will prove that my decision is the wisest among them

So, again, let it



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