Super Junior Angry to ELF Q&A

Warning: Don’t read this article.

So, I don’t know what happenned with me this time. I’m being melancoly person. This is not my style but I always do it all the day long. By the way, today is Kyuhyun birthday. Eeee…Okay! Should I give him like congratulated? A.. a.. a…arra, arra Cho Kyuhyun oppa Happy birthday to you. It is 30s, right? Umm…I just hope you still remember what you write in your letter for Super Junior 11th Anniversary last year. Yes, but what you write? Okay! You write “This is letter from hot guy in early 30s”. Wah, it is kinda weird, don’t you think? Ah, you must be really shy if you have a chance to read your letter now. Actually I will said I’m agree with you. In 2013 when Yesung oppa going to the army I cried a lot. I think Super Junior will be boried without him. For a month I run a far and after that something make me comeback to them. This is first time for me to see you more and I think like Kyuhyun Oppa is so gorgeous. I heard your song a lot. After Yesung oppa comeback to Super Junior, I can’t describe what I feel. I just happy but I still looking for you. And now when the news said you will going to the army this year. Why…why I would not willingly? I don’t know and because that, I miss Super Junior so much this day until I have played you song all the day long. My friend said she is also missing super junior and make some stories. I think today is a day to missing you oppa. Bogoshipeoyo.

So, how about to make flashback to the past memorise. This is the Q&A between Super Junior and ELF in Super Show 5 Taiwan.

I tell you first, the sentence without italic and black colour is real conversation, and the sentence with the italic is what I said related to the conversation.


Eunhyuk: Are you tired?

Oppa please, I’m going died because waiting for you all until you have a comeback from the army.

ELF: Not tired

Kyuhyun: Actually you can speak in Korean because I’ve already taught everyone a lot of Korean. My dad taught them.

Okay! Your dad is lecturer. No comment.

Donghae: Seem like they really understand

They are all lie oppa. Don’t believe us (ELF)! *ELF death glare*

Kyuhyun: Of course

Eunhyuk: Then I’m going to use Korean

Try us

Shindong: Then there wouldn’t be any translation

Hmm…That’s good idea

Eunhyuk: Everyone are you happy?

ELF: Yes

Boys: Wow

Eunhyuk: Are your armpits already sweating?

Me: *Roll eyes*.

ELF: Yes (they don’t understand this part…XD)

Yak! Where are your pride gone ladies?

*Boys were laughing*

After the translation out ELF laughed hard

EH & KH: All of you said yes

Kyuhyun: My dad did not teach them how to say armpit (in korean)

It is because your dad is clever. He just teach the good one.

Eunhyuk: Kyuhyun, please explain what is armpit!

????!!!! Everyone, please don’t like them. *SJ death glare*

Kyuhyun: Armpit is… (SW: It’s difficult)

It’s not difficult, geunyang PABO!

Eunhyuk: Just show it to everyone

Blind mode on

Kyuhyun: Mine…mine? My thing? (he meant armpit here nn;;) I can’t, I can’t.


Eunhyuk: We went in just now and come out again so did you all consider already? Do you all want to get married or not? If you want to get married then scream, if you don’t want then lift the board again.

*ELF lift up the boards*

Eunhyuk:/points at everyone and stomps feet on floor/ WHY? WHY? Why do you all not want to get married!

Hahahaha. I think it is because nobody want to marry us who love the other man (SJ). Maybe…

Ryeowook: What are you all doing!

Travel, eat, sleep and think about you.

Donghae: This is too outrageous!

Kyuhyun: We need to consider too.

Just do it! You talk to much.

Eunhyuk: The (kkkkk) makes me really angry! Put the (kkkkk) down! It really angres me.

Then, I will do it again and again.

Kyuhyun: Kkkk was taught by my dad.

Siwon: Your dad is really humorous

Eunhyuk: kkk is use like that/ does a crab dance/

Sungmin: No,

Siwon: Do  you want to show everyone your butt?

???? I don’t see anything on the video. I don’t know what Sungmin really do.

Sungmin: No, the dance is not like that… *Show the correct posture*

Eunhyuk: hh

Kyuhyun: Everyone, do you know hhh?

Can you just speak like brilian person.

ELF: Yes,

Siwon: (does evil laugh)

Eunhyuk: Um, you all can put the boards down now. It is okay, we will just marry the fans who are coming tomorrow.

Kyuhyun: What will if they have the same reaction tomorrow?

You are analitis person oppa.

Siwon: I feel that these three days I will only get angry and return home


Donghae: Why is everyone so cold hearted?

Siwon: So, I should not come tomorrow, right?

Donghae: Then we should come and stay again.

Siwon: Okay, let’s come and stay.

Kyuhyun: No, we can’t. Because the previous time all of you said we stayed for too long and asked us to quickly return (to korea).

We do. You make our money, ahh…Let’s not talk about this.

Donghae: Oppa Oppa we men mei you qian (Oppa oppa we don’t have money)

So, stop to realease the album or anything like. You spent our money.

Siwon: We have this kind of memorise, (that fans are) really straight forward, very good!

Eunhyuk: Taiwan fans are really straight forward.

We love money oppa

Sungmin: Also, really have a sense

Eunhyuk: And really know how to make people angry, kkkkk. *with pleasure*

We are presenting the last song to everyone now.

*ELF started whining*

Eunhyuk: What, What are you all doing?

Kyuhyun: What? What? What?

Eunhyuk: We are left with two days of performence, and it is also because of everyone that we laughed a lot today. We are really happy. Please bring the different surprise (event) tomorrow

Ryeowook: Eunhyukk ssi, then tomorrow the fans at level 3 should lift the boards together too

Eunhyuk: Geureone? People at the 3rd floor, why are you all empty handed today?

*ELF laughed hard*

Kyuhyun: Because the price of the papers increased recently

We don’t have money just to pay the papers. So please, stop to realease the album. *Sj: Then we are who going die*

Eunhyuk: Ahh…People at the 3rd floor want to marry us right? *ELF scream*

Bukankah terlalu percaya diri

Eunhyuk: What? NO?


Sungmin: No?


Siwon: What happenned to you all?

We are really this kind of people oppa

Ryeowook: Are you all married already?

Siwon: They already have two childern

Kemudian kami adalah warga negara yang baik (KB: dua anak cukup)

Kyuhyun: Ahhhh…then we can’t, we have no choice.

Eunhyuk: We can just rise the kids together

Can you just gave us the money. *EH: lempar mic*

Siwon: This is really great idea

Eunhyuk: We are really presenting the last song to everyone now. *ELF: ahhhhhh…* /Laughs/ can’t bear (for us to leave)

Sungmin: Then come again tomorrow

Eunhyuk: Supossingly, I should part my heart and soul into the last song but ( after seeing the fans project) I am not able to do so.

Gojimariya (don’t lie)

Siwon: It is because I’m too angry *ELF Laughs*

Why I love it (to see you angry)

Eunhyuk: What should we do?

Kyuhyun: All of you know we are just joking right? *everybody laughs*

Baiklah, makhluk brilian akan selalu menghancurkan suasana. When everybody give apreciation to Kyuhyun his dad just said “Kyuhyun isn’t think genius, he just think brilian”. Enggak, itu apa bedanya ya?

Donghae: We are just joking but all of you seem so serious.

I think we aren’t. You are the person who really want to have a kids. So, you must be the serious one. Isn’t it?

Siwon: Alright (Me: geuchi oppa. Siwon: No, I don’t answer you. Me: Ah…), let’s do resolve the issue here. We would have to visit (Taiwan) more often, so that we could get the chance (to marry the fans)

It is not about marry or not. Money oppa, we talk about money now. We men mei you qian.

Eunhyuk: it’s not like that. Isn’t there a surprise (event) for the last song too? Ahhh… I’m anticipating. Then we are going to sing the last song.

Sindong: Let me say something! There’s something interesting over there ‘I don’t like skinny idols’ but recently I think I lost some weight. No…Actually I’m just saying my wish.

So, why do you want to be something you hate oppa. LOL (Shindong: Think about your wrong subject. Me: Ah…then it is really cool to do something we don’t like, oppa*Smile, wink*. Shindong: *act like not hear anything*)

Eunhyuk: So, all of us should not have an affair. Okay, the last song is from our first album. Everyone please sing it together “So I”


So, we are really love this kind of people. I don’t know but I love this conversation a lot. By the way, congratulation for your graduation Kyuhyun oppa. Wah, I think you must be late but not, you still a brilian person. And talking about silent graduation. You know I think about that too. I have a plan to do so. It must be a good memorise.



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