Cinta Sejati itu…(?)

Exo Chen


Should I tell you?

Tahu Decendants of the Sun ‘kan? Cinta sejati itu Dr. Kang dan Kapten Yoo…

“Oh every time I see you
그대 눈을 때면
자꾸 가슴이 설레여와
세상 끝이라도
지켜주고 싶은

(Decendants Of The Sun OST)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Just sreamed loud after. But…

Why so serious?

Okey! And then when you have same responsibility like me… I tell you, we got attack seriously. Tahu ‘kan, Hallyu memang something. Gimana enggak, cuma gara-gara sepotong video yang tiba-tiba muter DOTS kamu bisa teriak nggak pakai otak. Iyalah teriak kan pakai mulut nggak pakai otak. Arraseo! Actually, I’m not a fanatical fans of Captain Yoo, Okay!… masalahnya adalah kenapa lagu OST yang dipilih justru yang “Everytime”. Dan itu dinyanyiin sama CHEN, EXO Chen!


Tahu kan apa itu rasanya pengen guling-guling di lantai. Ya, itu. You know, I like Chen so much, *Sorry Captain Yoo* because he have really clear voice while singing and… Can I call the charismatic? Well, maybe… yeah. He also down to earth and very warm people. I still remember when he sing Hug, this is DBSK song and I’m fallin in love with it like nothing. He is really good singer like Super Junior Yesung.

Super Junior Yesung

I think I like Yesung also because the official soundtrack sung. The song was titled It Has To Be You. It was very well-known trap after 6 years later. They have similarities that promises which are equally vocal play from their respective groups. So, tell me how I don’t want to scream??

But, we need to still cool ‘right? Jadi, ya… You know what I mean. Terkadang aku juga heran, kalau dipikir-pikir MV super Junior misalnya, kita bisa muter itu ratusan kali kan di laptop tapi kenapa ketika lagu itu dijadiin soundtracknya Lejel Home Shopping kita rela mantengin itu mbak-mbak berisik jualan panci hanya demi dengerin Mr. Simple sampai abis. Gila ‘kan? And therefore more dangerous then… just enjoy it! Don’t you think?

Bye- bye…

Also don’t forget to always be cool! Our Pride without prejudice…



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