Identity Crisis

Yesung Oppa-Inkigayo

Identity crisis… Do you think this article talk about Indonesian condition? If I’m not talk about it, I thought everyone know that well right? And also this article isn’t talk about it. It is about something that make me laugh this day because I can believe it well.

Yesterday I read news that said if Super Junior Yesung legaly change his real name from Kim Jong Woon to Kim Jong Hoon. You know, how surprised I am. Then I know if his mom that do it. Oh may god, Eomonni waeyo? Naega shireoyo jinjja. It is little uncomfortable okay. And how about his fanbase name or maybe his contract in SME eoh? Don’t you think it’s going not easy later because everything need to change also.

But Yemom said that’s why she change her son name. It is because woon in Chinese means ‘Cloud’ and the cloud is not always better like sometimes it’s bright and sometimes it’s going cloudy. So, she doesn’t like it and need to change it. When I hear it, I think like “what does this relate to Yesung oppa solo comeback is not as expected “. If this is the case, Eomonni Mianhae. Jinjja Mianhae. We are work hard for it but the other fandom also work more hard. So, we are really sorry. We will try the best in the future and Don’t be sad.

Yemom also said if she change it for about three months ago. Oh yeah, “Hoon” in Chinese means Warm and she want her son to be warm person later.

Today Yesung oppa released his first solo album called Here I Am and I thought his secound album will be have tittle like Who I Am. Kkkkkkk…So, oppa you need to found about yourself later..

It’s okay if it can make Yemom happiness. I will try to respect with it also. By the way, “Kim Jong Hoon oppa Annyeong! Bangapta”

The last, Oppa thank for your Album Here I Am. I love it and It is really good to hear now in spring. Oppa mianhae because we can’t brought to champion. We will work more hard later and Enjoy your day. Oppa Sarangahe…

Elf, What do you think about his new name? Share here okay.. Bye Bye.




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