This is Story about “Try and Pray”

I hope it can be better condition but I don’t know why everything make me flustered. everything becomes difficult for me and my phone are trash, totally trash. But I could not make it to be like this. Jeball eothokkhae? Also Jongjin oppa write something that make me feel guilty. Geunyang mianhae oppa. Jinjja mianhae. Also yesterday I see Yesung Oppa post on twitter and he said like “앨범 오랫동안 준비하면서 정말 도움주신분들이 많아요 그래서 전행복해요 ^^ ELF 응원.. 너무감사해요 그러니깐 슬퍼하지말기 !! 웃자 이렇게 😁 #고마워요 #문열어봐 #예성 #yesung #ELF #짱”


“I spent a long time preparing my album and many people helped me a lot, I’m happy ^^ ELF’s support.. I’m grateful so don’t be sad!! Smile like this 😁 #ThankYou #OpenTheDoor #yesung #ELF #The best “

Yesung Twitter Update on April 19th, 2016

We are really sorry about it oppa but We will try the best. So, don’t be sad for you also.

And this is letter that write by Jongjin oppa on Diesel Mania


I’ve been a member of Diesel Mania ( a naver cafe) since quite some times ago mainly as a silent reader.

To be honest, my brother is a singer. He’s yesung of Super Junior. As a brother, I think he sing well and he always work hard. This brother of mine has finally realesed his first solo album today. seeing him work hard for the past four years preparing for this album make’s me wish that it’ll be a success. The song is nice and I believe it’ll do well. But now that it has really happened it’s not that easy. That made me feel sorry and upset.

He has worked so hard for it, yet when other people listen to it they say the song is nice but they don’t think it’ll do well. I don’t have a good ear for music so I’m not sure if I think the song is nice because it really is or I think it’s good since it’s my brother.

Since my standards are lacking , I’m posting this to give my support. The song is tittled ” Here I Am”. Everyone, please listen to it and evaluate it objectively. If you think this is a post to promote I’ll delete it right away. I’m really thankful if you have any opinions that you think might help. I feel frustrated, I hope the song will be successful and want to help but I can’t think of any other ways so I’m leaving a post here on Diesel Mania. Thank you for reading this for the end.

-Kim Jongjin-

I don’t know what will happen but I hope it’s a better condition. We can do this ELF. Be patient and let’s do the best. Last night after Jongjin oppa send his letter I see Yesung rank on chart are up. So, keep stream. I trust you and believe god will make it. Whatever that thank you and let’s break the limits ELF.




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