I Was A Loser… Ago!

“start from loser to be a winner”-HYN

You know when finally you will enter the college life, sometimes you think like “Ah, How bad this place…I hate this much…Oh may god! I can believe that…Please it is not my style okay! and etc”. It is a normal condition. The different is how you respond it. I know how’s crazy that because I’m too. If you someone that think like that then I will tell you something.

Yesterday, I’m joining an AISEC event in my faculty. Oh please, I just need to saying it but I hate it much. Okey! Forget it! Then I meet with so many inspirational person. But for me there are two person that I like the most. The first person is because we have similar experience in college life and second is because she is really kind. She is not Indonesian. She come from Russia. But both of them tell me that everything is possible however your condition now. It is about your choice.

Dea tell me about her story. She is a bad person and have high pride. So, for her enter the college like her college now is… Oh, it is a bad thing in my life. The end of the day. But someday she found about something that change her life now. She was selected to do volunteer in Thailand and it is also the palce where she undrestand anything like how to be a good listeners, confidence, open minded and not judge, etc. She also tell our if you can be a better person from you now.

It is really similar with me I also hate this place so much but from this place I found something that change my life now. Now I know who I’m and I can be a better person also. When you ask me how to be that? I will answer like Believe your self and found your dots. Why I’m saying about dots again. It is because everything started from the first dots. The door that can opened the other door. So, found it. Don’t complain if that is not a good way like your expectation. The god know what the best for you. So, just go ahead and you can see the beautiful life later. I will tell you if I’m a bad person but I can make the other person jealous with my life journey. I got through those days were wonderful and it started from failure. I was able to change and I can do what previously seemed impossible. So, if I was bad of this could be, then you also. So, why you don’t start your own journey? Try and found your beautiful moments in life…

The last, I like something that Anna saying to us “Join intership, Exchange, etc and don’t be shy because by doing that you can learn more than the other people”. She also tell us to proud to be Indonesian.

“So, love your country because wherever you go and whatever you do, this is your place to comeback”-HYN

That’s all and see you again…



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