Lovey Dovey: When everything started from “Meeting with…(?)”

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Morning Coffee with a semi-snowy Berkshire view

I think I can’t describe about my feeling today and maybe this week. Yeah. Everything is going incredible this time. Wow. Lost comment. I thought I’m in lovey-Dovey mood now because someone makes me felt like that….Don’t think liar okay!

First, this morning I visit my personal blog to check it as usual. I also follow a lot of blog that I like much and of course we become a good friend. Then, when I opened my blog I found a new post from my blog friends and because she is really secret, I just felt shock whenever I found her post. Oh may god! She’s posting now. I’m really curious about her new post, then I visit her blog and…. Mwoya? She’s not post her new article like before, but her first book. Wow! I’m really happy for her. I was expecting this for four years ago. She writes it greatly, but not publish book and when afterwards she published her first book I felt that it was like myself who experience. I know how’s feel. It can’t describe by words and the most happier finally we can talk for the first time since four years ago. Ah, it’s incredible meeting. She is really kind and make me feel comfortable talking with her. We also talk about her new book. When I said to her if I follow her blog for four years she is really surprised. She said to me if her writing is still very bad at the time, he called it ‘claw duck’. But I don’t think so because for me she writes very well and pick an idea exclusively in writing. Until afterwards I know how she could be so intelligent in choosing ideas. It’s because she was a Redrum designer and also restoration artist.

Never a time she publishes her writing as usual, then I became a contributor to the reader and because she is too good in writing and choosing diction I was dissolved into the post that she was released that day. Then, when I read it again three years later I realized that at that time she was in London. I know that from her post script is embedded under article she published. She writes “…dan di London masih pukul 07.20 PM hari Kamis. huahahahaha maaf”. Oh may god, she has a trip in London. I feels envious. But whatever that, I’m really happy to meet with you. Okky Arista Dinda congratulations for your first book and Good Luck!

Second. Ah, it’s lovey-dovey again. I think I can’t write it. I’m afraid I’ll be smiling all day. People will think I’m crazy later or lest… I‘m already crazy (?) Who’s know. Okay. Forget it before I lost control. So, A few times ago I was officially attached to someone. Hey! Don’t think liar okay. If you think about marriage, come here I will hit your head now. I’m serious. It is true if I met someone and tie the promise together, but it’s not about marriage. It is about something that I can’t tell you what’s that. Something very important and so meaningful. We separate state, but to this day he was the one who accompanied my journey. I’m really thankful  and I hope we can meet later. He was the first person who mediates God to show the first dots in my life before the dots interrelated to be a wonderful journey in my life. Thank you.

The last, Find your dots and achieve your dreams. If I… who’s so bad at so many ways can do this, then you also. So, Never Give Up. Fighting!

“Nothing much happens without a dream. For something really great to happen, it takes a really great dream.” ~ Robert Greenleaf

“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.” ~ Bob Dylan



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