Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

I don’t know what happenend today, on this month… Oh no, this year I guess. I know something must be important in my life. Do you believe about the chance? In the years was passed by I believe that, but not know. This month everything make me surprise. When I experience for first time I think maybe it just a chance, but how about when you experienced all the time. Do you still believe is the chance? I think is not like that. There must be something. Then I read about Steve Jobs live experience and it’s really incredible. You must be know Steve Jobs, right? Yeah, The founder of big brand Apple. In one of his quotes he says about connecting the dots. So, if by chance is too much then it’s not a coincidence anymore. There must be something make it. What that? Of course the dots. You must be doing something that later led you to the current condition. If you also experienced the chance like me, then remember what are you doing in the past and you can understand. You must be really surprised later.

Ah, I want to tell you something, but it is little embarrassing. I think I have falling in love with the founder of big brand Apple, Steve Jobs. His life experience is “WOW”. I can’t describe that. How he was so love the products he made until the end of his life. I can imagine how’s that, but I think I know that why Apple get too much love. It is because Steve Jobs make Apple product with full of love also. In this time I hate the phone so much. It is really annoying and always make me angry all the time, but I think I will love it later because of him. I know how cliche it was, but it’s true. He was something. I want to love something like how he love his Apple all the time on his life and also his simplicity in living even though he is a millionaire. The quotes I most like from him is “Keep it simple but make it great”. Yeah, and you also. Make your life great but always keep it simple.

The last, I also like his other quotes…

“Our time is limited. So, don’t live someone else’s life. Don’t get stuck in the dogma-life results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the annoying sound of others’ opinions drown our own conscience. And most important, have the courage to follow our intuition and our heart. Because we already know what we actually want. The others are not too important.”-STEVE JOBS

That all and finish. Oh yeah, I want to recommended this book also called Life By Design that written by George Beahm.


It is Incredible book. Read it and you may understand what I mean. All Clear and see you later… I hope it will be meaningful. Thank You!



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