‘Carpe Diem’


The year when a new chapter in my life began. Then, I realized I had missed so many things that it took me to the incredible world. Do you know what that is? “The magic is awakened from the rigors of failure”. Beautiful? Lying if I said yes. I thought I would spend my time to continue to cry and blame my stupid choice. But then I asked myself “how long are you going to get boring and stop crying?” I do not know. I just being confuse and more confuse after seeing the Y junction. Damn! So, what should I do?

Hey! Where your imagination ran eoh? I asked myself. My fault is too worrying what have not even seen. My day of my new world came together. What kind of decision should I choose. I told myself that I only have two choices, deal with knowingly or choose to avoid it which meant me himself will build the abyss of failure for the second time in the course of my life. Well, I chose to deal with it even though I’m not sure what kind of thing is behind the high rocky hills.What I believe is that I see the top and the need to think about was to climb it until I achieve it.

Staircases beautifully kept waking since that moment. Seconds where I meet someone who does not even know anything about me and even indirectly saved everything in my life. I know and today I can only say thank you that not even hears. Maybe I’ll say it another time at a wonderful opportunity and I believe the opportunity is there. Who knows when and how, God will create the journey.

Then everything gets changed … changed ... and constantly changing. You know, change is the most feared things a lot of people and I think I would be so scared. But you probably would not believe that we were holding hands in the end. Our good friend. Companions will be the envy of everyone if only they knew. Do you wonder why I choose not to introduce it to everyone? Oh come on, I know I’m crazy, but I’m not ready to be considered crazy in real terms. And again, we are still building our castles together. In fact, just beautiful is not enough, should be more than that. Then, it means hard work. It is a piece of the things I learned from a biography of Steve Jobs when he pioneered the first product, the Apple I and Apple II. I tried to understand it and I think I’ve started to see spots along distant flickering light of an increasingly fluorescent. Then … I realized, my Sun … soon

Last but not least,

“Bermimpilah seolah akan hidup selamanya, kemudian hiduplah seolah akan mati hari ini” James Dean

“Menjadi indah itu tak harus berawal dari indah ‘kan?” _HYN

Kita sama-sama mengetahuinya. Perbedaannya adalah aku melakukannya dan kalian tidak”-HYN

That all and see you… Kiss.



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