“…Because everyone has a right to see the beautiful sky”

“…Because everyone has a right to see the beautiful sky”

That is the reason expressed by the Government of New Zealand when a lot of people curious about the lacks of high buildings in this country. I think it’s clever reason. You know, today at the time when so many countries competing to build high building, a lot of countries don’t do that with beautiful reason. Like New Zealand, France is also not allow to build higher building than Eiffel Tower. They just have different reason. If New Zealand appreciate the right of everyone to see the beautiful sky, then Franch want to show the world that they love their country icon. It’s totally different, but I think they are really good government.

Then when I think about Indonesia. How’s that? There are two possibilities, when you open the window then you see the other window or when you open the window then you see the other walls. Ah, it’s really hard here to see beautiful scenery in the town area, but no matter how much I think about it. I still love my country. I like the problem I guess because by doing that I can learn much than people in developed country.

I think Beautiful is not mean Beautiful then Bad is not mean Badly. It depends on how you respond it.-HYN

So, how about your country? Share here…

Maybe up here first and see you on the next topic but always with me of course. I’m sorry about that, but this is my blog. So, I will still here. Okay! I know how narcisistic it, but I love you all and I will try to do the best. Bye…Bye…



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