Tentang Rasa

이거 뭐하냐 [Igeo mwohanya]??? *Satoori addict* Oh may god. The tittle is… Wow. Lost description. Oh no, I think I lost my mind too. LOL.

Today, I have interested conversation with my friend. She is blogger, like me and of course we must to write for show something. We have a project to write our article in English. That’s why this article also write in English. This day she said to me like “We write it same in English, but I think we have really different style”. You are right. If you write with smoothest, but I write like breaker. I think I can’t describe my writing style. Really not predicted and dynamic. Maybe I will call like “Dynamic Me or Dynamic I am”. Why???!! You think I am false. So, you must be really good in English KNOWLEDGE but not in English SKILL!! You know, Language is skill NOT knowledge. There is no false or not false but only normal or abnormal. You must be thinking again while remember how can you speak your mother language. I hope you can understand what I mean. Okay! Forget it! I will talk the centre topic.

What’s that???

“My Answer for my friend question Wahyu Nisaul Mufidah or I always call her like ‘Haha’. I found the answer for your question and also my question.”

We write it same in English but why we have really different style and different taste?

This is the answer. You may remember when I told you if I love style of language translation. But you may not understand what I mean. It is like when I eat durian, I know how taste it but I can’t describe to you how the taste of durian. You must try by your self to know. Like that. And then, when you read article in English and Indonesian, you must be feel different right? When the article write in English, it have more taste than when it write in Indonesian. Don’t you think? Same like that. Style language of translation is also. It can give more different taste than when I write it in Indonesian style. I don’t said if Indonesian style is bad. Just they have different taste, no more. You can understand right? But whatever that, I am really thankful for your critics. I like that so much and I will try to do the best on the future. That’s all and see you on the next post. Kiss…

Ps: Satoori means Korean dialect in English. Korean have a lot of dialect like Satoori Gyeongsangdo, Seoul, Jejudo, Jeollado, etc. And what I wrote above is Gyeongsangdo dialect. It’s mean “ What it is?”



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