Fight Unfair for Child

Fight Unfair

Do you know what miracles means? For me, miracle is when I was able to deal with small children. In my life I hate children so much until someone told like “Why did you hate child? You know they are really cute Widya. Please, I don’t know what will happen to your children if you have them later”. And I will answer like “You think I also know”. I just think if they are very annoying and I hate distraction more than anything. So, that why I don’t like them. I have a reasonable cause okay. But this year, I don’t know what happened suddenly I love them so much more than I hate them. I just feel something with them. Should I call that “Love”. Maybe…

This year war was everywhere. The world is really crazy today. Look to Palestine, Pakistan, Yemen, Syirian, etc. There are so many children. They don’t know anything, but because of the war, they experienced terrible suffering in their lives. Do you think it’s true? NO! I’ve even run out of words to comment. You may hear about Malala Yousafzai. Yeah, she was one of those who suffered the effects of the cruel war. But now, she had a good life and she got the Nobel peace at a very young age. She was even a year younger than me. I feel embarrassed with her because at a very young age she is already doing a lot of things to the world, but I’m not doing anything. If you want to ask me what the reason that why I was fascinated with her. I just have two answer. The first, she said that education is the right of all people. This is the reason that why she did not reply to the letter sent by the Taliban when she was hospitalized at Queen Elizabeth in England. And I also think that education is the right of all people. There is no reason for anyone to restrict our education because it is the right of every person. Second, is because her counsel that says “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world”. Yeah, it’s true because the things that can change the world is KNOWLEDGE. That why education is very important for everyone.

So, how can I bear to see them cornered in the area of fear a conflict with splattered blood and tears that kept flowing. I am still a human. I have a feel. Then, look at so many children in desolate place who are trying hard to get an education. I can’t bear to see it. I want them to get a good education as well as me. So, for everyone, let’s fight unfair because small children are the foundation of a country and to build a strong foundation we need a strong material anyway. And the foundation is Good Education. So, let’s help them as much as possible. Since they are entitled to a good education. Fighting!



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