Gift Time, Gift Day, Give Me…


January 11th. Yes, this is the day when I am born 20 years ago. I can’t believe that. I am getting old now and I don’t like to be that. Why? Just because I hate to be old. Your skin are going wrinkle and everything became that. Oh may god! Sometimes I want to be like Edward Cullen. He can’t getting old because he is a vampire. I know how impossible that, but I think it’s okay to imagine yeah. You did not to pay by doing this right? So, you can imagine like what you want to do. Hahaha. Okay let’s forget it first.

January 11th. You know the reason that why January 11th called ‘Gift Day’ for me. It’s just because my younger sister born on the same day like me ‘Eleven’ but we have different month and of course the years. I was born on January 11th, 1996 and my younger sister born on February 11th, 2006. It’s similar right? I know and because of it my mom makes my birthday to be a gift day too. So, on this day my mom usually give me and my younger sister gift and of course I am. This year is the best year maybe. My gift on this year is “Table Manner Course”. Yeah, you know that right? This is how foreign people especially Europe eat their meal. Oh, it interested at all. Knowledge is always interested than anything. You can learn how to cook foreign meal, how to eat that, and table manner rule. The other gift is Batik. Yeah, Batik is the unique traditional cloth from beautiful country Indonesia. Ah, I think I will falling in love again and again and I don’t know how decrease it. LOL. So, for everyone please give more love for Indonesian product okay. Show to the world that you proud have a Batik because Batik is our culture.

Okay! I think my head is going to burn just to write this story in English. So, let’s finish it now and have a nice day. Oh yeah, please correct if I am wrong. I am not native I know. I was trying to be good on it, but I always make a mistake. So, please correct if I am wrong. See you and kisseu…

_Han Yong Ra_


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