TroubleMaker With Travel Application

Bukchon, South Korean

I have a good reason that why i choose this travel application. Of course i want to know more about travelling. Masalahnya adalah situs ini mulai nyebelin dan sok tahu banget. Salah satu menu dari aplikasi ini sendiri adalah suggestion every weekend dimana pernah suatu hari dia mengirimiku notifikasi yang isinya gini “ You looks depression. You need a vacation and this is the recomended place that you can go on”. Okey nggak ada yang aneh emg tapi masalahnya dia mengirim notifikasi ini pas aku lagi sibuk-sibuknya ngurus kuliah ala DPR dan kebetulan bgt aku lg stress dan jelas nggak bisa kemana-mana. Ngejek banget kan? *TabokAplikasinya*

Terus hari ini dia mengirimkan suggestion lagi for special holiday on this week and you know what this application says.

Suggesion for this weekend and best recomended place. Just choose by your self that you want to visit. And this application give me some list about travel direction like

Most beautiful beautiful hidden coastlines of the Mediterranean

The most charming neighborhoods in Europe

The best place to take a hot air ballon ride in the UK

Fairytale castles in germany

World’s best place to pitch a tent

Fushimi inari, Edinburgh old town, Golden lane, Bois de Boulogne, taste the typical maine lobster, Krivoklat, Barcelona and I don’t care. You are so noisy you know. Aishhh!!! Jinjja!!! Okey now i can’t go anywhere yet. So, why? Wah lihatlah dia bener-benar mengejekku….

The application: huahahahahaha huahahahahaha *NaripendetBarengDora*

Let’s Look later okey. Just waiting for me. When the moment are comes i know that you are going dissapointed oh. Aishhh jinjja ddapdapa.*pincinginMata*




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