Mademoiselle Red Flight

The way to my Home…

Hello! Welcome on my World. Everything is going incredible here. Really nice to meeting you all my readers. Kiss… Warm Hug.

Are you curious about me? No, Okay! Then just read what I write here. But I’m still introduce my self *stayWarm

Name: Widya Rizqi but I’m popular with my second name Han Yong Ra or my pen name DYA | Self-Claimed Writer | Also Self-Claimed Bibliografer | Love Travel,슈퍼주니어, Handsome Boys, and Anything Beautiful |

“Bahkan sebanyak apapun aku membaca tulisanku, aku tetap menyukainya seperti pertama kali menuliskannya”-DYA

Oh may god! I know how narcissist it, but my blog is my mood boaster and that why I love this place so much like my second home.

Haha… Whatever that ENJOY this place like your home also… Bye Bye.


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